Cryptocurrency WBT: latest news about WhiteBIT Token






WhiteBIT is the largest European cryptocurrency exchange, with over 3 million registered users and an average daily trading volume of $2.5 billion. WhiteBIT offers a secure and easy-to-use platform for users of all levels. The project’s primary goal is to reduce the threshold for entering the crypto industry, the massive introduction of blockchain technology, and the expansion of the cryptocurrency community. In 2022, the exchange released a native token – WBT cryptocurrency, which became a full-fledged infrastructure product of the WhiteBIT ecosystem.

WBT cryptocurrency is an excellent solution for ordinary traders and professional crypto investors. Users who purchase and hold a coin can access all the project’s unique features.

Emission and distribution of the WBT token

The total supply is 400,000,000 WBT. At the same time, the project developers will not issue new tokens.

Distribution of WhiteBIT (WBT) tokens:

  • 120,000,000 – trust fund tokens available when listing and used for their intended purpose.
  • 200,000,000 – fund tokens that will be unlocked within three years.
  • 54,000,000 – private sale.
  • 1,000,000 – WhiteBIT launchpad as part of IEO.
  • 25,000,000 – tokens that will be burned after TGE to reduce circulation.

The crypto exchange buys back and burns the WhiteBIT token (WBT) until half of them burns out. The project’s creators redeem a certain amount of WBT weekly, corresponding to 33% of trading commissions and 5% of other exchange income (AML, withdrawal commission, income from margin trading).

You can exchange WhiteBIT Token to USDT on the most favorable terms on the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. The WhiteBIT interface is not overloaded with unnecessary features. Beginners can use a simple platform with a minimum of tools. Experienced traders can trade professionally using a variety of tables, charts, and technical indicators. Cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT meets the highest security requirements and is one of the top three exchanges in terms of reliability with a high AAA rating.

What awaits WhiteBIT tokens in the future?

Now WBT price is rapidly changing, creating excellent conditions for buying. But traders should still hurry. Using a coin-burning algorithm and limited turnover indicates a high growth and popularity potential.

Another reason to buy WBT is the impeccable reputation of the exchange, which is rapidly developing and improving its algorithms. The token will soon appear on other platforms. The total spread of WBT will lead to a change in its course and an increase in popularity.

In 2023, the WBT crypto will move to its blockchain. Thus, the token will be able to integrate into the blockchain infrastructure, which will include:

  • DEX – integration.
  • Solution of the second layer (Layer-2).
  • Metaverse – integration.
  • Cross-network integration.

If you plan to become a coin holder or want to exchange WhiteBIT Token to USDT, then now is the perfect time. WhiteBIT allows you to choose a popular and suitable pair with USDT, UAH, BTC, etc. You can join the global crypto community right now. Register on the WhiteBIT exchange and earn money with minimal effort.

Using the WhiteBIT exchange, you can count on: reduced trading fees, the ability to withdraw ERC-20 standard crypto from your balance for free daily, and much more. WhiteBIT Token has shown much potential lately, which could be a good investment opportunity.

According to deep technical analysis, the average cost of WhiteBIT Token could fall by the end of this year. However, if we consider the prospects of WhiteBIT Token for a more extended period, the digital currency can grow in price and bring great dividends.



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