Is it enough for me to know only English to work in Kuwait?






In Kuwait, English is spoken by many people in different specializations, such as business, tourism, and commerce. Knowing English gives particular advantages, for instance, the possibility to work in areas where an understanding of this language is needed. However, it is often necessary to know Arabic to work there.

However, working remotely, you do not necessarily need to know Arabic. For example, jobs from India: , where you need to intercommunicate with coworkers in English, knowing Arabic will not be very important to you. However, knowledge of the official language of Kuwait will be a good advantage. It will allow you to intercommunicate more with residents and get to know the traditions more deeply.

Is it enough to know only English?

It all depends on the field in which you work. Kuwait is a country with a large number of foreigners and minorities. The absolute majority of people make contact here in Arabic. It can be explained by the fact that it is studied the most. However, quite a lot of people here, particularly young people, use English. This language is studied in academies as an obligatory subject. A lot of people share their experiences when they lived in Kuwait. They say that English was enough to live and work here.

Where is this language used the most?

In the fields of commerce, tourism, and business, the most common language is English.

It is easier to communicate with foreign partners. Many corporation deals are concluded with this language. International language makes it easier to connect with international businesses.

Foreigners are a significant part of the workforce, many of whom also speak English. At the expense of expatriates, the populace of the country, which communicates freely and understands English, has increased. It is often used in tourism. To better understand the client’s needs, employees must be fluent in English in Kuwait. Various films are made in English. So, moving or working in Kuwait, you will not stay without watching entertainment shows. Part of the mass media uses English. It shows that quite a large part of people understand and speak with it.

In addition, many young people know English. They study it as an obligatory subject at the academy. Also, many students studied at universities in other countries, where they communicated in English. In Kuwait, you will find quite a few courses and schools that specialize in helping you learn a new language.

What affects the outspread of this language in Kuwait?

Mainly, the fact that a multitude of people uses English is influenced by the fact that it is a global language. It unites people and makes it possible to comprehend an interlocutor from abroad. In Kuwait, they understand this well, so they made English compulsory for learning in schools. Due to these possibilities, many teenagers and young people know the language well.

The government promotes the study of this world language. Due to this order, the inscriptions on the labels of products and road signals are duplicated now in two languages.

Also, English is used in governance institutions. Because of this, it is now easier for foreigners to contact an official institution or organization.

Why and when the English language is not enough?

There are times when English is still not enough. Arabic remains dominant, and the absolute greater part of people make contact with it. In addition, there are quite a few other, less common languages. Knowing them will help you if you live in Kuwait.

  • Everyday conversations with people. Not every person speaks English. Because of this, there may be difficulties in communicating with somebody.
  • Dependence on the area. In most cities, residents communicate in English at a sufficient level. One of the grounds for this is the large number of foreigners. But in remote areas, English is used less.
  • English is not always taught well in academics. The level at which people understand English depends on the academy where they study. Unfortunately, they do not always teach well everywhere.
  • Deepening of knowledge about the cultural environment of Kuwait. One of the elements of the cultural environment of any country is its language. Studying it, you will realize the new customs and habits of the people. You will learn history and better comprehend other people.

Despite the prevalence of English in Kuwait, there are cases in which this knowledge is not enough.


If you do not know Arabic in Kuwait and speak only English, these tips can make your life and work easier. Firstly, learn elemental Arabic words. Phrases such as “Good afternoon”, “Thank you”, “Have a nice day” and “Please” that you speak in Arabic will show your positive attitude towards the language. People for whom it is the first language like when foreigners respect their language. You can talk the simplest phrases. In addition, if you meet a neighbor who does not know English, you will be able to politely say “Hello”.

Secondly, you will always find a person fluent in English and Arabic. Use the services of translators. They will help you during a business meeting or if you need to understand a text or video.

Thirdly, if you want to move to Kuwait permanently, try to learn Arabic at a basic level. This way, you will be able to communicate with more people. You will better understand the cultural conditions in which you are and demonstrate that you respect them. These tips will help make your stay in Kuwait more comfortable if you only speak English.


For work, knowing only English will be enough in Kuwait. This language is used in various fields. A large number of the residents speak English. Also, you can watch some films which are also made in English.

However, there are times when English alone may not be enough for you. Not everyone knows English well. However, if you don’t know Arabic, finding a person who speaks two languages will not be difficult. Knowledge of the English language at a good level is an excellent skill. It brings many benefits.



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