Exploring Different Career Paths in Cloud Computing Through Diverse Courses






Cloud computing as a career is fulfilling and rewarding simultaneously due to technological advancements and the demand for cloud computing jobs. There has been an exponential increase in cloud-based technical skills as organizations have moved away from traditional data-storing methods. With the adoption of cloud-based infrastructure to streamline data from anywhere worldwide, there has been an increase in cloud computing courses.

Some of the best cloud computing courses will provide insights on all major cloud platforms: AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure. Cloud computing free courses also provide technical skills that cloud architects can leverage to meet various industries’ requirements.

In India, jobs in cloud computing require a combination of technical and managerial skills, as the job role requires much more than deploying and maintaining cloud infrastructure.

Successful careers in cloud computing range from administrative to architectural roles, so cloud computing courses and training programs will improve the employability of professionals with the best offer letters and salaries. The following section will explore career paths suitable for professionals with cloud computing certifications.

Top Cloud Computing Careers in 2023

Given that different employers demand specialized skill sets, you may want to look into the following cloud computing positions, along with the salaries and responsibilities associated with each.

1. Cloud Engineer

According to Glassdoor, a cloud engineer can earn a decent pay package of Rs. 6 lakhs annually in India. As a cloud engineer, you oversee all the company’s cloud infrastructure administrative tasks. You will be responsible for the planning, developing, and upkeep enterprise cloud services. You need to be technically savvy and comfortable with various cloud computing platforms. You should have knowledge of Python, PHP, a deeper understanding of virtual networks, etc.

2. Cloud Administrator

For this job in cloud computing, you must be proficient in working with different cloud platforms as an administrator. You will also be responsible for keeping the cloud infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently and have an eye for problem-solving if any technical issues arise in the cloud. As this is an entry-level position, according to Glassdoor, a cloud administrator can make Rs. 7 Lakhs annually.

3. Cloud Developer

On the next list of careers in cloud computing, you can be a cloud developer. If you are interested in coding, this job profile is similar to a web developer’s profile. Among your duties would be the development of cloud-based application software. You need solid programming abilities and familiarity with various development tools and frameworks. The salary range of a cloud developer is Rs. 9,82,790 annually, and you can work for companies like IBM and Intel Corporation.

4. Cloud Architect

Under the guidance of the best cloud computing courses, you can be eligible for the job profile of a cloud architect. You can design cloud systems for organizations looking to migrate to remote servers. A cloud computing course will give you the confidence to negotiate with third-party vendor contracts, work closely with IT security to monitor privacy and incidents, and respond to scaled budgets and estimated costs of cloud adoption plans.

The average salary of a cloud architect is Rs. 20,09,712 a year, according to PayScale.

5. Cloud Consultant

Suppose you are already working as a cloud developer or engineer. In that case, you can upskill yourself with free cloud computing courses and learn more about budgetary and migration policies, which help companies migrate to cloud platforms easily.

A consultant with a solid technical background and in-depth knowledge of network protocols can counsel the company on various financial matters. The salary of a cloud consultant is, on average, Rs. 8 lakhs annually, according to Glassdoor.

6. DevOps Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing as a career can allow you to work as a DevOps cloud engineer. This will enable you to work and collaborate with various cloud developers to efficiently work on projects to increase the software’s scalability, collect and forward user feedback on the latest product iteration, and adjust the product’s interface accordingly. A DevOps engineer can earn up to Rs. 7 Lakhs yearly with companies like Accenture, Amazon, etc.

7. Cloud Security Engineer

As a cloud security engineer, you will protect and maintain the reliability of cloud-based infrastructure and software. You will require knowledge of compliance laws, cloud platforms, and security technologies. A cloud security engineer’s skillset should include threat assessment, control implementation, and event monitoring. The average salary of a cloud security engineer is Rs.9,24,624 annually.

8. Data Engineer

The job of a data engineer is to take raw data and turn it into actionable insights and details about markets and trends. Organizations are given access to data and are tasked with evaluating systems that can extract and transform raw data into a valid structure. A data engineer earns up to Rs. 9 Lakhs annually.

9. Full Stack Developer

The cloud computing courses list also includes developers who build and maintain mobile and web applications. During the training program, you will learn to help clients with front and back-end development ideas and help them plan and design all phases of the projects. A senior full-stack developer can earn up to Rs. 6,54,000 annually.

10. UI Developer

As the name suggests, a UI Developer is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing user interface elements and related software design concepts. You should thoroughly understand all aspects of front-end development, including but not limited to designing the site’s structure, testing its functionality, and enhancing its aesthetics with front-end tools. According to Glassdoor, a UI developer earns up to Rs. 6 Lakhs annually.


These are the top 10 jobs in cloud computing. You can explore many job roles, like cloud software and infrastructure engineers. You can explore a variety of roles in sales, security, and management by enrolling in cloud computing courses available online for a successful career in cloud computing. Simplilearn offers many free cloud computing courses where you can learn from industry experts and watch videos that will help you upgrade your skills.



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