Best Places To Visit When You’re Going On A Trip To North America






Traveling is one of the best adventures to go on. It rejuvenates your lost spirit and refreshes your energy. That is why you should make plans to go traveling occasionally so that you can get away from all the tiring routine.

And if you’re planning on going somewhere, then North America is the right place. Don’t fret as we’re not recommending you cruise through the entire continent. We’ve got the perfect list of the best places to visit in North America that you can put on your wish list.

Oh and make sure that you’re having a traveling app on your smartphone so that you don’t get lost or lose track of the route, the passage ahead, traffic updates, and whatnot. And since you’ll be traveling, you need a reliable internet source to stay connected for updates.

For that purpose, we recommend checking out Xfinity Internet since it offers amazing internet plans, post-paid mobile plans, and countrywide hotspots. It surely equips you in the best manner for any traveling experience. You can choose any provider you like if it offers the services listed earlier but our recommendation is just for keeping things smooth. With that, let’s begin our list now:


One of the famous sites in North America, Parkdale should be on your list of places to visit without any second thoughts. Located at the base of Mt. Hood, the immense greenery is ravishing enough to excite your soul.

You can simply lie in the grass to experience the calm of the weather. In addition, you can head to the Huston Museum which has Native American artifacts, an amazing collection of course. The entire experience is quite wonderful


If you’re visiting Hawaii, then you must keep Hilo on your traveling list. Located on a big island that surrounds Hawaii, the best reason for visiting Hilo is the astonishing view of the Pacific that’s visible from the island.

In addition, it’s one of the most relaxing coastal areas that’s perfect for spending your vacations peacefully. Next, you can also visit the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that’s close to Hilo. It packs some exciting local scenery that you can keep on your list for the perfect time there.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the famous places in the US, and you certainly cannot miss it if you’re traveling to North America. With one of the top spots for visitors, it’s quite crowded during peak season.

However, visiting it is a must, else how can you find hot springs, erupting geysers, and the amazing upper and lower waterfalls in the Grand Canyon Park? Most importantly, it has a wide array of flora and fauna that makes it mesmerizing Discover plants like cinquefoils and lupines, and animals such as eagles and magpies.

Havasu Falls

If you’re visiting the Grand Canyon, then the Havasu Falls should be on your list as well. Why? Because if you really want to view something out of a storybook, then the dreamy waterfall here is a perfect choice.

The blue-green swimming holes, stunning landscapes, the vivid colors surrounding the gorges; it doesn’t get any better than this. Previously, the waterfall was closed to the public due to preservation reasons; however, you can take a permit for the hike and reserve a campground for when you’re traveling.

Big Sur

The Big Sur is one of nature’s finest craftsmanship. Looking at its pictures, you’ll think that it’s something generated via a tool or software. However, viewing the amazing scenery, you’ll find it hard to believe that it’s real.

Highway 1 or Pacific Coast Highway is surrounded by this beautiful creation, especially in the areas between Carmel and San Simeon. The natural architecture of the redwoods, the beautifully cast blues of the oceans, and the Bixby Bridge presenting a wondrous site is something awe-striking, worth traveling for.

Napa Valley

Nothing beats visiting a vineyard while traveling. And what can be better than visiting the vineyards in Napa Valley? A classic, the quality, and the vibe simply outshine that of any vineyard in California.

Homing more than 400 wineries, it features an exotic experience for those with real taste. It’s as much as the movie ‘The Menu’ where the participants are in for a blast of taste buds with the chef’s most exotic creations.

You can visit various tasting rooms including the ones sprawling out of the squiggly Silverado Trail, which is quieter and gives you more time to enjoy the experience calmly.

Closing Thoughts

The list can go for sure! But for now, let’s just give you a finalized list of places to begin your adventures with. Just ensure to plan things out especially your schedule beforehand so that you can get to all the locations without any hassle, and spend some quality time there.