A Summary of Three Ways to Check the Availability of GEO Rentals






GEO offers both an online store and physical retail spaces, dealing in businesses such as game sales, DVD/CD rentals, and trade-ins. Here, I’ll introduce one of their services: DVD/CD rentals as part of their business.

About GEO Rentals

At GEO, you can rent DVDs and Blu-rays across various genres like movies, dramas, anime, sports, and music. GEO boasts one of the largest nationwide collections, with 358,570 DVD titles (97% available for rental) and 111,191 CD titles (83% available for rental). There are two methods for rentals: visiting a GEO store near your home or utilizing their home delivery rental service.

Using GEO Stores GEO has over 1,000 stores open across different prefectures nationwide. If you want to find a store nearby, you can use GEO’s official website to locate one.

Rental Fees Each store independently sets its rental fees, influenced by factors like location and nearby competing stores. Hence, rental fees can vary from store to store, as can late fees. To find cheaper rentals, consider visiting several nearby stores or calling ahead for information.

Payment Methods In addition to cash payments, GEO accepts various mobile payment services like PayPay, auPay, Merpay, LINE Pay, China UnionPay, WeChat Pay, J-Coin Pay, AliPay, Rakuten Pay, as well as credit card services such as JCB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover.

Important Notes Here are some important points to consider regarding in-store rentals:

  1. To use the rental service, you’ll need a membership card (Ponta Card) from the store.
  2. If you exceed the rental period, expect communication from the store via phone or mail.
  3. Returns are accepted only at the store from which you rented the items, so be mindful of this when returning rentals.

Using GEO Home Delivery Rental

For those without a GEO store nearby or those finding it inconvenient to visit, GEO’s home delivery rental service is an excellent option.

Service Packages

The home delivery rental service offers Regular and Monthly packages. Refer to the table below for details:

Comparison Regular Package Monthly Package

Rental Fees New Release: 396 yen (incl. tax)

Semi-New: 253 yen (incl. tax)

Old Release: 105 yen (incl. tax) Standard 4: 990 yen (incl. tax)

Standard 8: 2,046 yen (incl. tax)

Double 16: 4,136 yen (incl. tax)

Shipping Fees 1-7 discs: 319 yen (incl. tax)

8-16 discs: 528 yen (incl. tax)

17-20 discs: 616 yen (incl. tax) Included in the price

Extension Fee 165 yen per disc per day (incl. tax) No extension fee

Number of Rentals Up to 20 discs per order, maximum 100 discs Standard 4: 4 discs

Standard 8: 8 discs

Double 16: 16 discs

Rental Duration 10 days (14 days for 8 or more discs) No return deadline

The Regular and Monthly packages are tailored to suit different lifestyles. Choose the most suitable package based on your preferences.

GEO Home Delivery Rental Q&A

For those with further queries about GEO Home Delivery Rental, check out the following Q&A:

Q: What payment methods are accepted for GEO Home Delivery Rental?

A: Credit cards and d払い are accepted. Debit cards and prepaid cards cannot be used. Spot rental fees and monthly fees from the processing date to the end of the month are charged at the time of use. Monthly fees and late fees are billed at the beginning of the following month.

Q: Can you explain the shipping schedule and delivery method?

A: Orders placed by 10 AM are delivered the following day to three days afterward. Deliveries are made via “Yu-Pack.”

Q: How do I return the items?

A: Place the DVDs or CDs in the provided return envelope, seal it, and drop it into a mailbox.

How to Check GEO’s Rental Inventory

For those who frequently use GEO stores and are always concerned about the availability of DVDs they want to rent, here’s how to check GEO’s rental inventory from home.

Using a Smartphone

You can check GEO’s rental inventory using the GEO app on your smartphone.

Step 1 Download the GEO app. Step 2 Open the app and enter the keywords in the search bar. Step 3 Go to the page of the desired rental item and tap “Check Stock” at the bottom. This allows you to check the stock availability at nearby GEO stores.

Using a Computer

On your computer, you can check the rental item inventory on GEO’s official website.

Step 1 Open GEO’s official website. Step 2 Enter the title or name of the person in the search bar. Step 3 Go to the page of the desired rental item and click “Add to My Shop” on the right side. This lets you add nearby stores and check the availability of the item.

Using Phone Calls

However, even if you can check the inventory status on GEO’s official website or app, it doesn’t guarantee availability when you visit the store to rent. In such cases, it’s recommended to call the store directly to confirm the availability of the item. The store’s phone number is also available on GEO’s official website.

How to Copy Rental DVDs from GEO

Rented DVDs from GEO come with a limited rental period, and late returns incur fines. If you want to enjoy the same film multiple times, you might need to visit the store repeatedly for rentals. Therefore, the software “DVDFab DVD Copy,” which can flawlessly copy rental DVDs, is recommended.


It’s a highly functional DVD copying software that enables burning purchased or rental DVDs directly onto blank discs or saving them as ISO files or folders on a computer’s HDD.

Here are the advantages of DVDFab DVD コピー:

  1. It easily bypasses copy protection like CSS, UOPs, APS, RC, DADC, Disney’s Fake, Cinavia, etc.
  2. Utilizes DVDFab’s cloud service for quick updates to handle the latest DVD discs.
  3. Preserves video and audio quality while copying.
  4. Can compress DVD-9 dual-layer discs to DVD-5 single-layer ones.
  5. Provides six copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Writing, Merge, Split, and Customize.
  6. Allows burning DVDs or saving as ISO files on the computer.

Here’s a guide on using DVDFab DVD Copy to copy DVDs:

Step 1: Launch DVDFab, select “Copy” from the toolbar, click the left arrow, and choose the copy mode. We’ll use “Full Disc” as an example here.

Step 2: Insert the disc you want to copy into the optical drive. DVDFab will automatically read the DVD movie. If using a DVD folder/ISO file, drag and drop it onto the interface.

Step 3: Select the output as DVD5/DVD9. You can click “Advanced Settings” to set the volume label.

Step 4: Choose the output destination. Set the drive if burning to an empty disc. If saving as an ISO file or folder, click the corresponding icon, set the output, and then click “Start.”

This completes the flawless copying of the rental DVD.


This covers the GEO rental business, methods to check GEO’s rental inventory, and the process of copying DVDs rented from GEO. To rent DVDs from GEO, you can use GEO stores or the GEO home delivery rental service. For checking GEO rental inventory, use the GEO app, GEO’s official website, or make inquiries via phone. To copy DVDs rented from GEO, use DVDFab DVD Copy コピーガード 解除 for high-quality copying. If interested, give it a try.